Entry Level Marketing Specialist

Pyxeda is looking for an Entry Level Marketing specialist to drive our online marketing campaigns and content. Working with both the Sri Lanka team and the US office, this person will manage Pyxeda’s lead management system and develop and run online marketing campaigns ranging from email to social media. The position also includes the generation of new marketing content in various formats - articles, presentations, and videos.

Duties Include:

  • Working with Pyxeda CEO and Head of Machine Learning to develop new marketing and ecosystem content for Artificial Intelligence use cases.

  • Managing our lead tracking system and executing communications and onboarding campaigns with sales leads, contacts, users and partners.

  • Generating new video content in collaboration with other teams and our executive team. Generating new Powerpoint, Canva, presentation, flyer and social media content for sales campaigns. Executing updates to our social media presence.

  • Execution of programs jointly with our marketing partners in Education and Enterprise.

Required Qualifications:

  • A BSc in Marketing, Business, or a related field. Knowledge of and passion for Graphic Design is a strong plus.

  • Working knowledge of Powerpoint required. Knowledge of Canva, iMovie, Quicktime orother video and graphics editing software is a plus.

  • Working knowledge of social media platforms Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

About Pyxeda

Pyxeda is a US-based company in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Pyxeda is developing revolutionary SaaS solutions to enable enterprises to achieve greater return on investment from Artificial Intelligence. Pyxeda’s executive team combines decades of proven product executionand deep technical expertise in Machine Learning and Distributed Systems. Pyxeda is led by CEO Nisha Talagala, who previously co-founded ParallelM and pioneered MLOps - the practice of Machine Learning in Production, and is a recognized expert in the Operational Machine Learning field.

Applicants - Please Send Resume to info@pyxeda.ai

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