Back End and Full Stack Developer

Pyxeda is looking for a stellar Back End and Full Stack Developer. This individual will contribute to core features in Pyxeda’s SaaS product and will develop code that integrates with the state ofthe art Artificial Intelligence products used in enterprises today (examples - AWS Sagemaker, TensorFlow, Google Cloud AutoML, Spark, Dask, etc.). Feature development will include collaboration with both Sri Lanka and US engineering teams. The role will primarily include backend development but provides opportunities to expand into full-stack development as well as the opportunity to improve skills in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The individual willalso assist and eventually lead our developer training programs.


  • BS degree in CS

  • 2-3 years of experience in production software development.

  • Proficient in Python and SQL

  • Experience with using Cloud Services (such as AWS, GCP) and Cloud APIs is a plus

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Experience with software product development best practices, reading requirements, implementing to schedule, participating in code reviews, performing unit testing, etc.

About Pyxeda

Pyxeda is a US-based company in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Pyxeda is developing revolutionary SaaS solutions to enable enterprises to achieve greater return on investment from Artificial Intelligence. Pyxeda’s executive team combines decades of proven product executionand deep technical expertise in Machine Learning and Distributed Systems. Pyxeda is led by CEO Nisha Talagala, who previously co-founded ParallelM and pioneered MLOps - the practice of Machine Learning in Production, and is a recognized expert in the Operational Machine Learning field.

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